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Global Studies Capstone seminar publishes
“Global Culture at UCR”

Global Studies opens an arena for the study of problems of global import requiring innovative approaches to understanding power, exchange, creativity and social life. Today, people are increasingly on the move, yet there have never been so many people confined to prisons. Non-governmental organizations have become important political players, yet the power of the nation-state has never been more apparent. The intensification of world trade is said by some to lead to democracy, while others see it as a source poverty and repression. To understand such contradictions we cannot simply explain them in terms of a general process of globalization. Mobile, comparative and transnational approaches to research and practice must be developed. The Global Studies program is part of an international, interdisciplinary effort to develop more accurate ways of studying and understanding how our world is changing and how we can face the challenges of the future. Together, we seek to create opportunities to work toward innovative theory and practice through integrated programs of teaching and research.

The Global Studies major gives students a chance to take advantage of a broad range of courses on global issues offered in the humanities, social sciences, arts and sciences. Each student acquires a background in two disciplinary traditions and a regional or topical area of study. Introductory Global Studies courses provide a general framework, while advanced seminars allow students to explore particular issues or areas from a transdisciplinary perspective. Students are encouraged to study abroad.

The Global Professions/Global Action lecture series gives students a chance to meet people active in a variety of professional domains around the world. A speaker comes to campus each quarter to talk about their lives and work, inspiring students to envision their own futures.

The Global Studies program regularly organizes lectures and conferences and the many events addressing global issues at UCR into the curriculum. Faculty research seminars are also crucial to the program, leading to important research and publications and feeding into the development of new courses. Visiting Professors are important resources for faculty and students alike.

The practical and theoretical skills gained in the course of Global Studies prepare students to play an active role in many professions. They might choose careers in business or technology, public service or the creative industries. Global Studies at UCR is also excellent preparation for graduate study or for advanced study in professional schools of public policy, law, medicine, or management.